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Board of Directors

Bay County Council on Aging is governed by a Board of Directors and directed by a Chief Executive Officer.  There is an administrative staff, and each service has a Program Coordinator and many dedicated and caring employees.

The Board of Directors governs the policies and procedures for Bay County Council on Aging.  Members of the community serve as Directors, in a volunteer capacity, giving their time and experience for the organization and the individuals who are served.  Board meetings are the third Tuesday of each month.  Individuals wishing to attend a board meeting should contact Bay County Council on Aging in advance of the scheduled meeting.




                              Left to Right:  Betty Knight, Steve Hough, Ed Deluzain, Sylvester Griffin, Kathy Barr, Anderson Edwards,                                 Lee Costello, Willard Anderson, Carrie Baker, Sandy McInnis, Beverly Dusseault

Not pictured:  Thelma Bruce, Lois Oswald, Bob Pell, Kim Reed


Board of Directors (2023-2024)

President..........Ed Deluzain

Vice President..........Kim Reed

Secretary..........Lois Oswald

Treasurer..........Willard Anderson

Advisor..........Kathy Barr


Carrie Baker

Thelma Bruce

Lee Costello

Beverly Dusseault

Anderson Edwards

Steve Hough

Sylvester Griffin

Betty Knight

Sandy McInnis

Bob Pell

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