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Home Based Services

Home Based Services is a coordinated effort that allows senior adults to age in their homes with assistance, yet remain independent.  The services are for senior adults, age 60 and older, who live in Bay County.  The services that are provided help prevent institutionalization and provide help with activities of daily living which allows senior adults to choose their own lifestyles.  For more information about in-home services, call (850) 769-3468 for details or to speak with a Case Manager.

The following services may be provided for senior adults in their homes:

  • Case Management is provided to enable access to needed programs and services.  More than 1,000 persons are provided over 6,000 hours of case management services.

  • Companionship provides socialization and can also assist the senior with preparing meals, laundry and other homemaking tasks.  Nearly 30 senior adults are provided with companionship to help prevent loneliness that often leads to depression.

  • Homemaking Services provide assistance with household tasks, laundry, cleaning and shopping for needed supplies.  Over 150 senior adults receive more than 6,500 hours of homemaker services annually.

  • Personal Care Services provide senior adults with assistance with personal hygiene needs.  More than 80 senior adults are provided over 6,000 hours of personal care annually.

  • Respite Services provide relief to caregivers who are responsible for caring for someone who cannot be safely left alone.  Annually, over 30 caregivers are provided more than 2,800 hours of respite care.  Additional caregiver services are available through our Caregiver Program.

  • Shopping Assistance provides assistance to seniors help with getting their essential needs such as groceries,  prescriptions, and other essential items.  Volunteers go to the grocery store to pick-up items for the seniors.  The client is responsible for the cost of the items.

  • Telephone reassurance is provided to more than 100 homebound seniors.  They are contacted on a weekly basis, via a telephone call, to check in and make sure everything is okay.

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