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Announcing our new BRAINHealth Program!

We are excited to introduce a new program at Bay County Council on Aging -  

The BRAINHealth Program!

The goal of this program is to build healthy brain routines to prevent, delay or reduce cognitive decline and memory loss.  The program will consist of six disciplines:

~ Wellness Education

~ Fitness, Exercise & Movement

~ Nutrition Works

~ Socialization & Engagement

~ One-on-One Sessions with Professionals

~ Support Groups

If you have family members living with Alzheimer’s disease, memory impairment or dementia you may worry that you are beginning to experience some of the symptoms.  You may have joined a large group of people who are known as the “worried well”.  The BRAINHealth Program is especially designed for families and individuals who want to build brain-healthy routines, increase their knowledge and keep their brain sharp.

For more information contact Lynn McCrory, BRAINHealth Coordinator, at (850) 769-3468.


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